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One of the things that a LOT of progressives have a problem with is classism. “DON’T SHOP AT WALMART! Buy local and organic!” etc. and they totally fail at realizing some people can’t afford other options, if they have options at all. Our struggles are different. Do what you can when you can. Raise awareness. But stop assuming everyone has the same opportunities and abilities.

And before someone weighs in with how cheap veggies are at their local natural foods store, there are a lot of people who don’t live anywhere near one. There are even a lot of people who don’t live near a supermarket. Some people’s choices are literally Walmart, expired junk food at the dollar store or expired junk food at the convenience store. Just because there’s a health food store in your gentrified-ass neighbourhood doesn’t mean there’s one on every ghetto or suburban street corner.

A-fucking-men to this. (More after the cut.)

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Well, look at it this way … IF you were checking out with organic veggies and tofu with almond milk the Regressives would point and call you welfare queen like the pod people!!!! (Seriously, hope things turn around for you.)


Miley Cyrus - Jolene 

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So Comcast (the largest mass communication company in the world) wants to merge with TimeWarner (the second largest media and entertainment conglomerate after Disney), and the current chairman of the FCC who is to approve or disprove of the merger, Tom Wheeler, was formerly the head of both the largest cable lobbying organization, as well as the largest wireless lobbying firm. Nothing to see here, just corporate fascism and neo-fedualism ruining everything forever. 

Comcast sux green dog poop

Netflix Agrees To Pay Comcast For Broadband Access | Deadline

Comcast sux green dog poop

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Netflix-Comcast deal turns the information superhighway into a toll road.

Comcast sux green dog poop

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